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If we turn the ending page to our novel what kind of story will it be?I hope our love remains on top
-/Nasra. 20. USA/-
This is the bae and Tiffany and Krystal are fighting the bae for my attention.

Formerly: Hyoraengi-i
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#HappyHyoloDay ♡

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taeri's superhero graphic tees | tae's iron man + yuri's thor

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The TaeTiSeo!

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Heol! Daebak sageon! SNSD


SNSD’s 7 versions of “Heol! Daebak sageon!”

#1 Embarrassed ver. by Jung #2 “This is how the chodings do it” ver. by DdilPani #3 Legato ver. by Yoongie #4 Confident ver. by HyoSic #5 Real choding ver. by Im Choding #6 Ladylike ver. by Miss Im Yoona #7 DAEBAK ver. by Dorky Shidae [feat. Laughing Sunkyu & JummaTaeng]

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taetiseo - holler (taeyeon ver.)

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